Bloodstoppers and Bearwalkers

Folk Traditions of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Third edition

by Richard M. Dorson, edited by James P. Leary ’72 (University of Wisconsin Press)

bloodstoppers.jpgFolklorist Dorson did extensive field work in the U.P. in the 1940s and wrote about the tales of the area he heard from loggers, miners, sailors, trappers and townsfolk.

This new edition, which features an introduction by Leary and an appendix of additional tales, restores the timeless folklore classic. The" Yooper" area is home to a diversified culture of indigenous people and Old World immigrants, from Ojibwes, French Canadians, Finns, Cornish, Poles, Italians, Slovenians and others. The diverse inhabitants, the book notes, have created tales populated with tricksters, outlaws, cunning trappers and poachers, and eccentric bosses of the mines and lumber camps.

(September 2008)