Dr. Buynak's 1-2-3 Diabetes Diet

A Step-by-Step Approach to Weight Loss Without Gimmicks or Risks

by Robert J. Buynak, M.D., ’91, with Gregory L. Guthrie (American Diabetes Association)


A clear guide to dropping weight and improving blood sugar. Dr. Buynak here offers a user-friendly diet plan that helps those with type 2 diabetes make small changes to their lifestyle and approach to health.

Starting with easy, general adjustments to eating behavior and progressing to meal planning, the program allows the reader to choose just how in-depth he or she wants their diet to be. Ideas on fighting hunger, surviving a trip to a restaurant and boosting metabolism are included in the book.

Dr. Buynake, who was valedictorian of the Notre Dame class of 1991, is a graduate of Harvard Medical School and a clinical instructor at Indiana University School of Medicine.

(October 2006)