Encyclopedia of Catholic Social Thought, Social Science, and Social Policy

By Michael L. Coulter, Stephen M. Krason, Richard S. Myers ’80J.D., and Joseph A. Varacalli (The Scarecrow Press)


The encyclopedia takes an interdisciplinary approach to the Catholic vision of society in addressing more than 800 topics. The oversize reference tool, with more than a thousand pages, combines theoretical work in multiple scholarly disciplines, perspectives gained from social science and policy issues.

The publishers write: “The book reflects a broad range of Catholic thought that is international in scope, but with an emphasis on the American situation. Its interdisciplinary approach offers insights from a variety of perspectives:
theological, philosophical, historical, economical, sociological, political science, psychological, social services, and law. The work will appeal to individuals who want a clear and accurate introduction to Catholic social thought and a Catholic-informed social science and social policy.”

(October 2007)