Every Night When the Sun Goes In

CD by Josephine Cameron ’00MFA


It was the winter break snowstorm of 1999. Josephine Cameron ‘00MFA sat in the O’Hara-Grace Townhouses at Notre Dame writing a song she named “Indiana.” Now the song is on her new CD, Every Night When the Sun Goes In (Modo Records). Cameron plays guitar and sings acoustic folk/pop music with a clear, sweet voice. Her CD features both original compositions and such traditional ballads as “Shenandoah” and “I See the Moon.” While pursuing her master’s degree in creative writing at Notre Dame, Cameron performed at small venues on campus and around South Bend, as well as at the Sophomore Literary Festival, art openings at Riley Hall and outdoor concerts on campus. “It was really the encouragement and response from the student body at Notre Dame that helped me to begin thinking seriously about my music,” says the Brunswick, Maine, resident. She released her first CD, American Songs, in early 2002. Listen to music samples and order online at www.josephinecameron.com.

(March 2004)