Filling the Glass:

The Skeptic’s Guide to Positive Thinking in Business

Barry Maher ’70, Dearborn Trade

Reviewers have been singing the praises of this book, from calling it “required reading for any MBA program,” to "packed with useful, practical advice, it’s also entertaining and frequently laugh-out-loud funny” to “Inventive, insightful, instructive, inspiring and funny.”

From a hugely successful career in sales to his current niche as a motivational speaking, Maher has always kept his eyes on the link between a job and personal life. His focus, he writes, “is a sense of wholeness, oneness, relief from the dichotomy between what we believe we should be doing in our careers and our lives, and what we actually find ourselves doing.” Maher was featured in the winter 1999–2000 print issue of this magazine.