Go Forth and Do Good:

Memorable Notre Dame Commencement Addresses

Edited by Wilson D. Miscamble, CSC, ’77M.A., ’80Ph.D., ’87M.Div. (University of Notre Dame Press)


The 1849 commencement ceremony at Notre Dame was marked by six hours of speeches—including one on “Latin Discourse on General History.” Readers learn all this and more from Miscamble’s lively introduction to this collection of 24 graduation addresses at Notre Dame. A short note before each speech offers helpful historical and social context. The book moves from William Tecumseh Sherman’s 1865 speech to President George W. Bush’s 2001 appearance, and includes such noteworthy speakers as Joseph Kennedy, Condoleezza Rice ’75M.A., Cardinal Joseph Bernardin and Andrew Young, as well as a letter from Mother Teresa.

Father Miscamble is the rector of Moreau Seminary and an associate professor of history at Notre Dame.