Mr. Notre Dame:

The Life and Legend of Edward “Moose” Krause
by Jason Kelly ’95, Diamond Communications


Upon his death in 1992, Moose Krause, a 1934 Notre Dame graduate, was called the true legend of Notre Dame. That’s not based on Krause’s impressive feats as both a football player and an All-American basketball star at Notre Dame; assistant coach of the football team and head coach of the basketball team; or his tenure as athletic director. Instead, Kelly writes, Moose “holds an exalted place in Notre Dame history for achievements that cannot be quantified, for a generosity of spirit and strength of character in the face of harrowing challenges.”

While many scenes offer a look at the lore of Notre Dame, it is the dedication Moose showed to his wife, Elise, after she suffered severe brain damage in an automobile accident, that brings the legend to life.