Paper Tiger:

An Obsessed Golfer’s Quest to Play with the Pros

By Tom Coyne ’97, ’99MFA (Gotham Books)


The one-time junior golf star and the author of The Gentleman’s Game turns to nonfiction here as he candidly relays his expensive, heart-wrenching and often hilarious drive to make it to the tournament golf ranks. While trying to discover if Tiger Woods may have something to fear, Coyne also discovers that his goal may put his own happiness and love life in jeopardy.

Paper Tiger,says Ryder Cup champion Chip Beck, “is a hilarious, heart breaking, dead-honest look at what it means to be in love with this great game, in good times and bad. I have enjoyed Tom Coyne’s insights more than you can imagine, and I think you will as well.”

(August 2006)