Stories of Beginning Teachers:

First-Year Challenges and Beyond

Edited by Alysia D. Roehrig ’00M.A., Michael Pressley and Denise A. Talotta ’90, ’00M.A. (Notre Dame Press)


From “students freeing animals in the room, causing disruption” to “being sexually harassed by another faculty member,” life for beginning teachers can be a zoo. This field guide begins with a study of potential problems and issues faced by teachers, offering a heads-up on challenges ranging from rowdy students to out-of-date textbooks. The second half of the book brings those challenges to painful life with first-person stories from participants in Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic Education.

“You couldn’t pay me to go back and relive that first year,” writes one survivor, who says she still appreciates the year’s hard lessons. Designed for use as a training text for novice teachers, this readable book also may inspire experienced educators.

The book is part of the Notre Dame Alliance for Catholic Education series.