The Dons and Mr. Dickens:

The Strange Case of the Oxford Christmas Plot

by William J. Palmer ’65, ’69Ph.D.

In his fourth Victorian era mystery, Palmer here features the threesome detective group of Charles Dickens, Wilkie Collins and Charles Dodgson, (better known today as Lewis Carroll). When an Oxford don is found murdered in a London opium den, the three soon-to-be -famous authors seek answers in the hallowed hall of academe. Ellen Terman, loved by the historical Dickens, makes an appearance here.

Reader/reviewers have noted that the plots can get a bit creaky, but, as one says, “It is quite evident in this latest addition to Palmer’s stable of Victorian mystery novels that the author enjoys an intimate knowledge of 19th century England in general and Oxford University specifically.” Palmer’s Dickens mystery novels have a reputation for being fun to read, with a dash of fascinating literary history thrown in to add spice to the dish.