The Myth of More:

and Other Lifetraps That Sabotage the Happiness You Deserve

by Joseph R. Novello, M.D., ’62, Paulist Press

Novello, a practicing psychiatrist, believes people too often confuse happiness with pleasure. Step by step, with examples taken from his own case studies, the author discusses how true happiness comes from “accepting what we have and who we are. It rests ultimately in harmonizing our desires to God’s will.”

CNN’s Larry King called this book “essential reading for anyone who desires to truly improve themselves.” A reader on wrote, “I am typically not a big fan of self-help type books but I must say that I truly enjoyed reading Dr. Novello’s account of the ‘spiritual’ side of psychiatry. This book is written for everyone—whether professional or lay person in a style that is easy to read and yet challenging enough to keep one’s interest.”