The Sword of the Lord

Military Chaplains from the First to the Twenty-First Century

edited by Doris L. Bergen (Notre Dame Press)


A sweeping history of military chaplaincy, covering the role of chaplains in battles ranging from the Crusades to the Vietnam War. Contributors discuss what chaplains do and the dilemmas they face. Father Joseph F. O’Donnell, CSC, who holds a 1955 bachelor’s degree and a 1961 master’s degree from Notre Dame, writes about his service as a chaplain in Vietnam. Father Michael Baxter, CSC, who holds a 1983 master’s of divinity degree from Notre Dame, where he is an assistant professor of theology, discusses his difficulties with the very idea of Christians going to war, whether as chaplains or soldiers.

The editor of this volume is a professor of history at Notre Dame.

(May 2004)