Umphrey's McGee still playing around

They started at Notre Dame and have been on the move ever since. Already this year, the Umphrey’s McGee sextet has performed at venues from Colorado to the House of Blues in Chicago. Later this summer they’re heading for the West coast.

Band members are Brendan Bayliss (guitar and vocals), Joel Cummins (keyboards and vocals), Ryan Stasik (bass and vocals), Michael Mirro (percussion and vocals), Andy Farag (percussion) and Jake Cinninger (guitar, sax, moog and percussions).

Their style? As one reviewed noted: “With a funk foundation and jazz aesthetic for improvisation, Umphrey’s McGee’s originals encompass such musical styles as rock, jazz, honky tonk and classical music, all guided by a keen sense of melody and harmony.” The band members call it lots of things, from funk to groove to a “jamband” sound. No matter what, they hope their fans will be there when they show up at a city nearby.

CDs and release dates:

One Fat Sucka (December 2000)

Songs for Older Women (May 1999)

Greatest Hits Volume III (May 1998)