The ultimate desk reference to the Web

edited by H.P. Newquist

Somewhat irreverent and always user-friendly, this guide, says 1980 Notre Dame graduate Newquist, “cuts through the clutter by categorizing the best, most useful and informative sites on the web.”

Its easy to get lost in the web, and search engines can offer 1,000 choices—many hopelessly useless. This Yahoo! guide explains how to make search engines work to your advantage. It also does some of the work for you, by detailing more than 1,000 sites by categories ranging from fashions and home schooling to aviation and maps.

One online reviewer commented: “This book is the ultimate reference to Yahoo!. H.P. the III makes you feel like you almost grew up with him. I highly recommend this for any novice to the Internet. Although not as good as his previous publications on the life of guitarists, this almost makes you want to give up life in the clothing business and work in the internet world.”