Books in Brief, web extra

Author: Carol Schaal '91M.A.

New Testament Greek and Exegesis: Essays in Honor of Gerald F. Hawthorne, edited by Amy M Donaldson ’99M.A. and Timothy B. Sailors ’00M.A. (Eerdmans). Christian scholars offer a view of their current studies of the New Testament. Contributors include David E. Aune, ND professor of theology.

Coalwater, Kevin Kramer’91 (iUniverse). A cat-and-mouse suspense thriller that shows health care can be deadly.

The Technology Fix: The Promise and Reality of Computers in Our Schools, William D. Pflaum ’61 (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development). A study of how technology is actually being used in classrooms around the country, with suggestions from the author on improving its use.

Ladybug, Roy J. DeBellis ’57 (Hats Off Books). Nuclear terrorism threatens in this novel set in a future where nanotechnology can save the world.

After Holy Cross, Only Notre Dame: The Life of Brother Gatian (Urbain Monsimer), George Klawitter, CSC, ’63 (iUniverse). Brother Klawitter’s biography of the young and rather brash Gatian also includes an extensive introduction to the founders of the Holy Cross order.

The Pittsburgh That Stays Within You, Samuel Hazo ’49, art by Robert Qualters (The Local History Company). A revised edition of the poet’s memoir that seeks to capture the soul of his beloved Pittsburgh.

VBA and Macros for Microsoft Excel, Bill Jelen’87 and Tracy Syrstad (QUE). A manual for intermediate and advanced Excel users, offering tips on such sophisticated functions as converting English syntax to VBA.

Generation Gaps, Dannika E. Simpson ’92 (Xlibris). A novel of second chances, the power of forgiveness and spiritual faith, as three women’s lives are woven together by a horrendous act.

Mary’s Way: Romantic Love as a Path to God, Michelle Rios Rice Hennelly and R. Kevin Hennelly ’72 (Our Lady of Light). A perspective on love and marriage and how intimacy can be a path to God.

Mud Pie Mysteries: Fables about Children in God’s World, Edward Vasta ’52 (AuthorHouse). Stories of the lessons children learn as they are guided through their adventures by