Cafe Choice: Creative work by Notre Dame people

Author: Carol Schaal '91M.A.

Mighty Big Broom, Loose Caboose Band. Brothers Bill Carey ’77 and Joe Carey ’79 are back with a second CD of kid-pleasing original songs, from “My Very First Haircut” to “Legoland” and “Wake Up Sleepy Daddy.” The brothers use a variety of instruments and styles, from pop to jazz to country and blues on the 14-track CD.

Distant Hum, Stella Schindler ’91. Praised by Music Connection magazine for her “sensual, trilling voice,” the singer and acoustic guitarist, and the alt-country musicians who back her up, present an 11-track CD of folk/rock songs of despair and hope, beauty and frailty.

Swinging for the Fences: Choosing to Live an Extraordinary Life, Alex Montoya ’96 (Tate Publishing). Although he was born in Colombia with only one complete limb, his left leg, the author of this memoir learned early that, as he says, “It’s all about attitude.” Read how his overriding sense of hope has led to a life of obstacles conquered and dreams met.

The Hamburger: A History, Josh Ozersky ’96M.A. (Yale University Press). The food writer and cultural historian serves up a meaty take on an American icon that’s entwined with the country’s capitalist development. See the magazine’s profile of Ozersky.

Rough and Tumble: A Novel, Mark Bavaro ’85 (St. Martin’s Press). This gritty debut novel by the former Irish, Giants, Browns and Eagles player lays bare a brutal season in the life of a rebellious professional football player whose team faces a major scandal.

The Order of Odd-Fish, James Kennedy ’95 (Delacorte Books for Young Readers). The young adult fantasy follows 13-year-old Jo and her Aunt Lily to the strange world of Eldritch City, where knights of the Order of Odd-Fish research useless information as villains lurk in the background.

The Song of the Horse: Selection of Poems 1958–2008, Samuel Hazo ’49 (Autumn House Press). From “Notre Dame du Lac” to ""How Married People Argue" and “At the Site of the Memorial,” the poet offers up work both new and old, with his trademark warmth and vision. Hazo received an honorary doctorate from Notre Dame in May.

JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters, James W. Douglass ’62M.A. (Orbis Books). Using meticulous research, the author traces John Kennedy’s turn toward a strategy of peace and the forces that allied against his new-found vision. It is through unmasking those systemic forces of evil, he writes, that JFK’s vision of peace can still be realized.

We Are ND: The Story of Notre Dame As Told By Her Alumni, edited by Walt Collins ’51 and Angela Sienko (Booklink). From first impressions to defining moments, the entries in this collection tell the University’s story though the prism of personal, meaningful times. About 300 photos and stories from 70 alums are included here.

Full of Hot Air 2009 wall calendar, photography by Amanda Steedley ’00MBA. The graphic designer, photographer and owner of Flaming Fish Studios has created this and three other calendars: In Bloom, Setting Sun and Shiny Side Up. See for details.

Carol Schaal is managing editor/web editor of this magazine.