Custodian joins university immortals on ND Wall of Honor

Author: Ed Cohen

The Wall of Honor in the ground floor hallway of the Main Building celebrates such people as Father Sorin, Father Hesburgh, Knute Rockne. And now it honors the building’s former janitor.

Earlier this year, the names and likenesses of three more individuals were added to the wall: legendary band director Joseph Casasanta ‘23, who wrote the alma mater and “Hike Notre Dame” and other football songs; Helen H. Hosinski, secretary to Hesburgh from 1943 to 1990; and Curry Montague, principal custodian of the Main Building from 1970 to 2000.

Montague, the only one still living, “provided the Notre Dame community and its guests a congenial, memorable and inspiring example of how hard work, devoted service and charity transform duty into joy,” a news release said of his selection.

A letter sent to all faculty and staff last November invited nominations for additions to the Wall of Honor. The responses, which totaled more than 300, were reviewed by a committee appointed by President Malloy. The committee then submitted recommendations to the University’s officer group for its approval.

Created in 1999 at the re-opening of the Main Building following renovation, the Wall of Honor is intended to recognize “exceptional men and women whose contributions to Notre Dame are lasting, pervasive and profound,” according to an official description. The additions of Casasanta, Hosinski and Montague bring the total of honorees to 25.

Complete list of honorees on the Wall of Honor

Rev. Edward F. Sorin, CSC—the University’s founder

Rev. Stephen Badin—the first priest ordained in the United States. He donated to the Diocese of Vincennes the land that is today the heart of campus.

Mother Mary Angela Gillespie, CSC—founder of Saint Mary’s College

Rev. John A. Zahm, CSC—scholar, teacher and administrator

Rev. Julius Nieuwland, CSC—discovered the formulae for synthetic rubber

Knute Rockne—legendary football coach

John Cardinal O’Hara, CSC—the University’s 12th president

Brother Borromeo Malley, CSC—supervised and expanded the power plant and founded the Notre Dame fire department

Frank O’Malley—legendary English professor

Waldemar Gurian—political scientist and “refugee scholar”

Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, CSC—president of Notre Dame from 1952 to 1987

L.A. O’Saughnessy—benefactor

George Shuster—a Laetare Medalist and longtime president of Hunter College who returned to Notre Dame, his alma mater, to help develop graduate studies and research programs

Ivan Mestrovic—sculptor

Edmund Stephan—first chair of the Board of Trustees

Emil Hofman—chemistry professor

Julian Samora—sociologist

George Craig—biologist

Sister John Miriam Jones, S.C.—director of the University’s transition to coeducation

Donald Keough—benefactor and former board chair

Rev. Edmund P. Joyce, CSC—executive vice president from 1952-1987, national leader in intercollegiate athletics

James E. Armstrong—alumni secretary from 1926-1967, laid foundation for international Notre Dame family.

Helen H. Hosinski—long-serving and indispensable secretary to Father Theodore Hesburgh, CSC

Curry L. Montague—principal custodian of the Main Building from 1970 until his retirement in 2000.

Joseph Casasanta—director of the Notre Dame Band from 1923 to 1942

(October 2004)