Domers in the Media

Author: Mary Kate Castellani '05 and Ed Cohen

Selected alumni working in print and broadcast journalism

Ken Woodward '57 (English), contributing editor, _Newsweek_. As a student: editor and business manager, _Scholastic_; writer, _The Dome_; contributor, _The Juggler_

Mark Shields '59 (Philosophy and History), television political analyst (PBS, CNN), syndicated columnist. As a student: didn't work in the student media.

Don Criqui '62 (Communication Arts), play-by-play announcer, _The NFL on CBS_. As a student: game announcer and commentary, WSND.

Bill Dwyre '66 (Communication Arts), sports editor, _Los Angeles Times_. As a student: writer, _The Observer_.

Tom Bettag '66, (Liberal Arts), senior executive editor, _Nightline._ As a student: news editor, _Scholastic_.

John Twohey '66, (Communication Arts) vice president, Editorial and Operations, Tribune Media Services, Chicago. As a student: editor, _Scholastic_; editor, _The Leprechaun_ humor magazine.

Robert Sam Anson '67 (English), free-lance writer; contributor, _Vanity Fair_. As a student: news editor, WSND; news editor, _Scholastic_; creator and editor; _The Observer_.

Don Wycliff '69 (Government and International Studies), public editor, _Chicago Tribune_. As a student: writer, _Scholastic_.

Ernie Torriero '76 (Economics), reporter, _Chicago Tribune_. As a student: sports writer, _The Observer_.

L. Franklin Devine '75 (Theology), producer, _60 Minutes_. As a student: WSND nightly talk-show host; theater reviewer, _The Observer_.

Tom O'Neil '77 (English), senior editor, _In Touch Weekly_. As a student: editor-in-chief, _The Observer_.

Anne Thompson '79 (American Studies), correspondent, NBC News, New York. As a student: sports writer, _The Dome_.

Bryan Gruley '79 (American Studies and English), Chicago bureau chief, _Wall Street Journal_. As a student: features writer and editor, _The Observer;_ published short story in _The Juggler_.

Melinda Henneberger '80 (American Studies), contributing editor, _Newsweek_. As a student: morning news show host, WSND, _Observer_ contributor.

Dan Le Duc '83 (American Studies), deputy national editor, _The Washington Post_. As a student: writer, _The Observer_; news director, WSND.

Hannah Storm '83 (Political Science and Communications), co-anchor, CBS's _The Early Show_. As a student: deejay, news reporter and sports talk-show host, WSND; intern, sports reporter, WNDU-TV; stage director, Metro Sports Notre Dame football telecast.

Jack Obringer '87 (American Studies), Emmy Award winner, producer, ESPN _SportsCenter_. As a student: production assistant, WNDU.

Jesse Pesta '88 (Communication and Theatre), editor, _Asian Wall Street Journal,_ Hong Kong. As a student: manager of WSND.

Kelly Tuthill '92 (American Studies), reporter and anchor, WCVB-TV, Boston. As a student: writer and editor, _The Observer_.

Monica Yant Kinney '93 (American Studies), columnist, _The Philadelphia Inquirer_. As a student: reporter, copy editor, editor-in-chief, _The Observer_.

Steve Duenes '93 (Art Design), head of graphics department, _The New York Times_. As a student: editorial cartoonist, _The Observer_.

George Dohrmann '95 (American Studies), Pulitzer Prize winner; staff writer, _Sports Illustrated_. As a student: sports writer and editor, _The Observer_.

Rob Finch '98 (History), photographer, _Oregonian_ newspaper; 2003 National Press Photographer's Association Photographer of the Year. As a student: photographer, _The Observer_.