Fighting Irish plaintiffs

Author: Matt Storin ’64

At least 48 former Notre Dame football players have joined in lawsuits against the NFL, claiming some degree of disability from the effects of repeated blows to the head. The suits were combined and settled this year with the expected payout estimated at about $1 billion for what ultimately could be thousands of plaintiffs. Not every plaintiff will qualify, depending on medical diagnoses, and there was a post-settlement period when others could join. Also, individuals could opt out of the settlement, perhaps to pursue their own litigation.

Among Notre Dame players listed as plaintiffs are:

Arnold Ale (played at Notre Dame in 1988), Pete Bercich ’94, Jeff Burris ’94, Ross Browner (played at ND 1973-77), Joe Carollo ’62, Bob Clasby ’83, Deke Cooper ’00, Paul Costa ’65, Marc Edwards ’97, Bob Kuechenberg ’69, Eric Dorsey ’88, the estate of Dave Duerson ’83, the estate of Pete Duranko ’66, Oliver Gibson ’94, Bob Gladieux ’69, ’88MSA, George Goeddeke ’67, Ralph Guglielmi ’55, Terry Hanratty ’69, Kris Haines ’79, Joe Howard-Johnson (played at ND 1981-84), Raghib Ismail ’94, Grant Irons ’01, Jarious Jackson ’00, Anthony S. Johnson ’90, Mike Kadish ’72, Scott Kowalkowski ’91, Dorsey Levens (played at ND 1989-90), Tom Lopienski ’03, Mike McCoy ’70, Kory Minor ’99, Walt Patulski ’72, John Pergine (played at ND 1965-67), Dave Pivec (played in the early 1960s), Myron Pottios ’61, Wes Pritchett ’89, Tim Ruddy ’94, Allen Rossum ’98, Gerome Sapp ’03, Rod Smith (played at ND 1988-91), the estate of Jack Snow ’65, Jim Snowden (played in the early 1960s), Mike Stonebreaker ’90, Aaron Taylor (played at ND 1990-93), Frank Varrichione ’55, Ricky Watters (played at ND 1987-90), Joel D. Williams ’87, Renaldo Wynn ’96.

Source: U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania