M. Clay Adams Filmography

Author: M. Clay Adams

(M. Clay Adams is a member of Motion Picture Pioneers)

1935-1939 Fox Film Studio and 20th Century Fox, Hollywood

Assistant to Sol M. Wurtzel, executive producer of 26 of the 52 films turned out each year by this studio in the so-called "Golden Years of Hollywood."

(The Wurtzel unit produced this studio's lower budget B pictures. Daryl F. Zanuck was overall head of the studio and executive producer of the high budget films.)

Story editor, film editor and screenwriter on several pictures during this period.

1939-1940 RKO-Pathe, Inc., Hollywood

Manager, West Coast office of Pathe News.

Produced, wrote and directed _Picture People_, a monthly short subject depicting the home life and hobbies of the stars, released by RKO for showing in theaters between "double features," which were common in those years.

1940-1942 RKO-Pathe, Inc., New York City

Producer in charge of making Navy training films under contract with the U.S. Navy.

1942-1945 Lieutenant Commander, United States Naval Reserve

Producer, director, writer in the Training Film Division, Bureau of Aeronautics, U.S. Navy.

Produced and directed _My Japan_, a theatrical film released by the Treasury Department to promote the sale of War Bonds.

Producer, _How To Be A Civilian_, starring comic Robert Benchley. Separate versions were made for the Navy and Marine Corps for showing to Navy and Marine groups at the time of their discharge from World War II war service.

1946-1950 RKO-Pathe, Inc., New York

Producer, writer and director of industrial films produced under contract with various large corporations.

Producer, writer, director, _Strategic Attack_, a documentary film showing the effects of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki for the Strategic Air Command of the U. S. Air Force. Narrated by famed CBS war correspondent Edward R. Murrow.

1950-1952 National Broadcasting Co., New York

Director, _Victory At Sea_, a many-award-winning NBC 26 episode documentary on the role of the U.S. Navy in World War II. (The most frequently "re-broadcast" TV series in the history of television.)

1952-1960 Columbia Broadcasting Co., New York

CBS Television, Director of Film Production.

In charge of production and associate producer, _Sergeant Bilko Show_. Comedy show starring Phil Silvers, which ran on the CBS Network for 3 years.

Executive In Charge of Production, _I Remember Mamma_ film series.

Executive in Charge of Production of numerous "pilot" films for CBS Television.

1961-1973 Clayco Films, Inc., New York, Owner and President

Executive In Charge of Production:

_Brenner_, CBS-TV film series.

_The Defenders_, CBS-TV film series starring E.G. Marshal and written by Reggie Rose, brilliant writer of _Twelve Angry Men_ (later revived on the Broadway stage).

_The Doctors and Nurses_, CBS TV film series.

_The Bell Telephone Hour_, Several TV film specials in association with Henry Jaffe Productions.

_The Hallmark Theater_, Several TV film specials in association with Henry Jaffe Productions.

_Jackie Gleason_, TV film specials for CBS.

Produced various film segments for _The Jackie Gleason Show_.

_The Beatles At Shea Stadium_, one-hour Ed Sullivan CBS-TV special. The first motion picture documentary of a "rock" concert.

Produced various film segments for the _Ed Sullivan Show_.