(Middle) name these Domers

Author: Ed Cohen

Match these members of the extended Notre Dame family with their middle names.

1. Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, CSC, ‘39

2. Rev. Edward “Monk” Malloy, CSC, ’63, ’67M.A., ’69M.Th.

3. Phil Donahue ’57

4. Regis Philbin ’53

5. Tyrone (is actually his middle name, what’s his first?) Willingham

6. Muffet McGraw

7. Condoleezza Rice ’75M.A.

8. Ruth Riley ’01

9. Knute Rockne ’14

10. Dan “Rudy” Ruettiger ’76

11. Alan Page ’67

12. Hannah Storm (formerly Storen, now Hicks) ’83

a. Kenneth

b. Martin

c. No middle name (two people)

d. John

e. Eugene

f. Ellen

g. Cedric

h. Aloysius

i. Lionel

j. Lynn

k. Francis

Answers: 1-b, 2-h, 3-d, 4-k, 5-i, 6-c, 7-c, 8-f, 9-a, 10-e, 11-g, 12-j