Mil Preguntas (a meditation in 1000 questions)

Author: Gary G. Gaffney '69M.S.


Is evil necessary?
Is there a snowflake for every cloud?
Whose story belongs to history?
How different is everyone’s first kiss?
Does anyone remember his birth?
Who speaks for the shamed?
What is the common locus of everyone’s reality?
Is anything worth believing?
Is believing worth anything?
How irrational is love?
Is there space in your life for awe?
When is your humanity palpable?
Does the cosmos tamper with your life?
Are you measured most by love, hate or indifference?
Who are you bound to in love?
In hate?
In indifference?
Have you ever met God?
Have you ever met god?
Will God be there when time ends?
What’s the best use of the body?
Is the devil real?
Can we trust the universe?
How many flowers bloom each year?
How many things have you held in your hand?
How many stars have never been counted?
How many times have you said, “I love you”?
How many times have you meant it?
How many times has crying washed you clean?
What is worth fighting for?
What is worth holding on to?
When are words enough?
When is enough enough?
What was it like to be just one cell?
What confirms that you’re alive?
Can you imagine your own soul?
Can you grow your own soul?
Can souls accumulate?
Can souls merge?
Can souls be owned?
What do you hear in the silent gaps?
Is listening an affectation?
An obligation?
A selfless act?
The only means of survival?
What is the biological recipe for feeling?
When is love not to be trusted?
When is hate not a poison?
When is hate not a prison?
Why is love’s scream a whisper?
And love’s whisper a scream?
And each scream a story?
And each story a lesson?
And each lesson a warning?
And each warning a kiss?
How do feelings populate the body?
And make it a cage?
What is the cage that locks us away?
The wrapping of skin?
The strange, twisted construction of mind?
The prison of culture?
Impregnable time?
The universe?
The subtle traps set by God?
What is the purpose of angels?
Where does Jesus go on vacation?
Did you miss him?
What’s the ratio of good people to evil people?
How many sacraments are there?
Is the dirt under your fingernails honest?
What do your fingertips remember?
Do you love you?
Does justice make any sense to you?
¿De que color es la justicia?
¿De que color es la verdad?
¿De que color es la alma?
What does a world in balance mean?
How does it feel to be a speck in the cosmos?
Do you fear death?
Do you understand it?
Do you wish for it?
Do you run from it?
Do you expect to cheat it?
If you were a god, would you really want the head of an elephant?
Does Yahweh really smite?
How does it feel to shake the hand of God?
Where is beauty hiding?
What measures beauty?
The eye?
The mind?
The heart?
The gut?
The other seeing place?
What messages come wrapped in blood?
In wrinkled skin?
In golden hair?
In innocent flesh?
In the dreams of the poorest man?
In the child growing another child?
In the man with money?
In cold promises?
In the most naked generosity?
In skin that’s not a wall?
Where is the graveyard of lofty thoughts?
The graveyard of unused memories?
The graveyard of interrupted fantasies?
The graveyard of stillborn words of love?
Of promises made on a bed of lies?
Of hopes chilled to the bone?
Of bones on the necks of debutantes?
What is the penance for the sin of convenience?
For the sin of busy-ness?
For the sin of excess?
For the sin of boredom?
For the sin of being human?
For the sin of not being human?
For the sin of being?
Why is integrity so uncommon?
And truth contingent?
And love so misunderstood?
And intimacy so illusive?
And escape so easy?
And violence so engaging?
And connectedness so dangerous?
How many children died today?
Did Yahweh count them all?
How many weapons were sold today?
How many did you pay for?
How many bullets hit their mark today?
How many barrels of blood soaked the earth?*
How many people live on a dollar a day?
Or can’t live on a dollar a second?
Can extraordinary beings circle ordinary stars?
Are there more ordinary beings than ordinary stars?
Do ordinary beings know they’re made from ordinary stars?
Do ordinary beings know they are ordinary?
Is being ordinary a failure?
Is being ordinary possible?
Have you got a minute?
Is your minute God’s minute?
Do you give a damn?
Do you damn the time you’re given?
Do hands make like minds make?
Do minds make like hearts make?
How many languages are necessary to say it all?
When it’s all said, is it all heard?
What do you expect of your heroes?
How do you find a hero?
Were you a hero before you knew it?
What’s life like on a spinning, hurtling planet?
Do you need to be in the center of the galaxy?
Are you afraid of the surface of Mars?
Are you afraid of the light of the Moon?
Are you troubled that we may not be alone in the universe?
Are you afraid of your own bacteria?
Of your own DNA?
Are you afraid of all you don’t know?
Are you afraid of the messages embedded in history?
Are you afraid there is truth?
Are you afraid that Elvis is really dead?
Are you afraid that you’re really dead?
Do you live to placate God?
Do you live to live forever?
Do you live to live for others?
How many f—k-ups guarantee wisdom?
How much wisdom goes unused?
How much wisdom goes unchallenged?
How much wisdom leads to pain?
How much wisdom leads to sainthood?
How much wisdom leads to despair?
How much despair leads to action?
How much action wobbles the earth?
Can 6 billion people trouble the earth?
Can 6 billion people make sense of the universe?
Can 6 billion people be connected?
Can 6 billion people love the same thing?
Can 6 billion people unmask God?
Can God explain justice to 6 billion people?
Can 6 billion people explain justice to God?
Will God eventually tell us the truth?
Will everyone pass God’s final exam?
What is the practice test?
Will you have to cheat to pass?
What did God write in the margins?
Do you laugh during sex?
Do you sing to understand death?
Are you diminished when you kill a living thing?
Are you diminished when forgiveness is not a possibility?
Are you diminished when you find awe in nothing?
Are you diminished when prayer is not an option?
Are you diminished when you owe nothing to the world?
Is a prisoner as real as your mailman?
Is a dead soldier as real as your next appointment?
Is your next appointment as real as a tailgate party?
Is a tailgate party as real as a trip to the thrift store?
Is your intention as real as your distraction?
When were you last your mother’s little angel?
A knight in shining armor?
The student of the month?
The person everyone can count on?
A local hero?
The one who loves unconditionally?
The one who danced the night away?
The prodigal son?
What is knowledge in a stupid world?
What is magic in a bored world?
What are the messages from fossils of stars?
How many stars make the universe believable?
How often has a kiss saved your life?
How often has a sin led to redemption?
How often has humanity led you to forgive?
How often has forgiving made you come alive?
What makes you dream?
What makes you ask God for the impossible?
What makes you lie to children?
What makes you ask for more than you deserve?
What makes you f—k a stranger?
How can we kill so easily?
Why is humility so difficult?
When will we take peace seriously?
Who do we expect to save us?
What will be the price?
Could you sleep in a hole in the scorching desert?
Who would you give up your life for?
Could you comfort someone you despised?
Could you watch your own blood drench you?
Could you ask to be loved?
Could you dream you were flying?
Could you dream yourself to a new beginning?
Could you break all the rules?
Could you keep all the rules?
Could you do the unforgivable?
Dream the unimaginable?
Say the unspeakable?
Would a starving child change the way you live?
Would a discarded teenager?
Would a frozen embryo?
Or the sale of body parts?
Do you remember how innocence felt?
Do you remember how comforting night was?
Do you remember how eyes could speak?
Do you remember how far away the future was?
Can silence scream?
Can spirit ask the wrong questions?
Do angels have private parts?
What is the most evil appendage of Satan?
What’s the meaning of a quark?
What’s the meaning of a slime mold?
What’s the meaning of a Higgs field?
Of a single breath?
Of flesh brushed against flesh?
Of wet grass beneath your feet?
What evil thing is impossible for you to do?
What evil thing called attention to your soul?
What evil thing found pleasure in evil?
What is the wisdom of skin?
What does it know about the sun?
About identity?
About the edge of self?
About the dissolving of self?
About the proximity of death?
About the impossibility of perfection?
About the dialogue of inside and outside?
Why does a heart pump?
And bleed?
And empathize?
And give up?
And come back to life?
And help measure our humanity?
And help us talk to our souls?
And write our poetry?
And burn with a crown of thorns?
And make a ritual?
And wait to be dissected or repaired?
Why does blood flow in little rivers?
And fill the veins of kings and thoroughbreds?
And spill in buckets for dreams of power?
And spill in rivers for ancient trespasses?
And drown the innocent?
And carry tradition?
And remember our transgressions?
And bind us together in love and hate?
And warn us when love and fear approach?
Why is an infant so powerful in its helplessness?
Why is cuteness essential for our survival?
What is learned before it’s known?
What is known before it’s perceived?
What is perceived before it’s named?
What is named before it’s tamed?
What is tamed so that it dies?
What dies before it lives?
What is the name for the voice of the cosmos?
What is the name for the mystery that’s everywhere?
What is the name for the possibility in pure matter?
What is the name for the vitality that’s unquenchable?
What is the name for the language of the eyes?
What is the name for the capacity for unspeakable evil?
What is the name for the mystery of being human?
What is the name for the yearning for God?
Can love beat hate in a smackdown?
Can generosity whup greed’s ass?
Should art speak to the teeming masses?
The poorest of the poor?
Does art have to misbehave?
Can art defy all it stands for?
Can art come dressed in a suit?
Can art change a life?
Can a life change art?
Can art deceive itself?
Can art die in cultural captivity?
Can art lay you flat?
Does God give a damn about art?
Is art the little black cocktail dress?
Has art got you under its skin?
Is there any poetry in the language of violence?
Is mystery necessary in a life well lived?
How do molecules make the leap to consciousness?
How does consciousness frame the universe?
How does your brain identify its own limits?
How does your brain depend on my brain?
How does your brain know what it doesn’t know?
Do you trust your brain?
Is your brain a magician?
A piece of raw meat?
A big step to the somewhere of enlightenment?
What is the evolutionary role of absurdity?
Does God need a good laugh?
Does experience in the world change your mind?
Is there space in you for passion?
What is the organ of disenchantment?
What is the organ of apathy?
What is the organ of brutality?
What would entice an angel to land?
Are you ever quiet enough to hear the wings?
Who do you expect perfection from?
What illusions do you live by?
What was Jesus’ first sentence?
Was Jesus advanced for his age?
How many stories can a flower tell?
What is the mathematics told by a daisy?
What is the language of the cosmos?
What is the language of a kiss?
What is the language of a child’s first scribbles?
Why is celebrity an addiction?
An excuse for dulling the mind?
What can make a life seem real?
What can fatten time with meaning?
What can make life a sacrament?
What can make you a chosen one?
When did education become entertainment?
When did shopping become entertainment?
When did sex become entertainment?
What is the landscape of heaven?
What is the evidence that good overcomes evil?
Why is skin color so dangerous?
Who lives in the big house?
Why do they need a fireplace in the bathroom?
Are their children made of gold and diamonds?
Why is beauty in the ugly places?
And ugliness in the beautiful places?
Is greed a disease?
Do we care if there’s a cure?
Who speaks for Christ?
Who hangs bleeding on His cross?
Who is not a better man for suffering?
A smarter man?
A more human man?
A man more connected?
Does your voice have a voice?
Why not?
Does your voice need a voice?
Why not?
Does your gut have questions?
Does your head listen?
Does your body know who you are?
Do you love your body?
Who are you?
Is that close to who you wanted to be?
What accounts for the distance?
Is the distance still navigable?
How could a perfect being create beings like us?
And why?
Is this only God’s first try?
What results from the combination of perfection and absurdity?
Is the pursuit of perfection absurdity?
Is the pursuit of perfection martyrdom?
Is the pursuit of perfection necessary for salvation?
If you are saved, how do I know that?
If you are saved, what are you saved for?
What is the sacred purpose of hands?
What is the sacred purpose of eyes?
What is the sacred purpose of DNA?
Who is your neighbor?
Where does your neighborhood end?
Who is your brother?
When did you stop hiding in wombs?
What part of me is you?
What part of you will always be you?
What part of you is always a surprise?
What part of you is the last thing to go?
What part of you is there to give away?
How are you connected to the roots of trees?
How are you connected to the scent of a flower?
How are you connected to the organisms in the stomach of a termite?
How are you connected to the dirt on the hands of a poor man?
What was Jesus’ persistent daydream?
Did Jesus break a bone?
Did Jesus struggle to stay a virgin?
Did God make Jesus really good looking?
When is the universe at peace?
When is the sky a messenger?
When are you a messenger?
When are you a gift?
Is peace possible without your participation?
Is peace inside or outside?
Can you stay still long enough to find it?
Did time begin more than once?
Did love explain itself to you more than once?
Were you resurrected more than once?
Did you lose yourself more than once?
Were you truly honest more than once?
Can you speak about your shame?
Can you speak about what you’ve killed?
Can you speak about the poisonings?
Can you speak about the love that withered?
Can you speak about the rage?
Can you speak about forgiveness denied?
Can you speak about the parts of you that died?
Can you speak about the plucked wings?
Can you tell the story of your manhood?
Can you tell the story of courage failed?
Can you tell the story of a friend till death?
Can you tell the story of a vow kept?
Can you tell the story of a mask torn off?
Can you tell the story of the power of innocence?
Can you tell the story of faith put to the test?
Can you tell the story of unimaginable pain?
Can you tell the story of an ocean of tears?
Why not connect DNA and mystery?
Why not connect a flower and my deepest love for you?
Why not connect creativity and insanity?
Why not connect a newborn and the hope of being fully human?
Why not connect dirt and galaxies?
Why not connect the living with all the other living?
Why not connect the dead with the furnace of a sun?
Why not connect myself to you?
Why do some people live as if they’re dead?
Why do some people die so they can live?
Why do some people live for those who die?
Why do some people die so some can live?
Why do some people live on the backs of those who die?
Why do some people live as a form of death?
Why do some people die for a living?
Would you shake the hand of a homeless man?
Would you ask someone to love you unconditionally?
Would you commit in love to a damaged child?
Would you correct the imbalance of wealth?
Would you believe in what you couldn’t see?
Would you fight the good fight?
Would you die for me?
Would you clean your plate?
Would you call your mother?
Would you take the risk of losing yourself?
Would you drink from the fountain of youth?
Would you tell me the honest truth?
May I tell you that the evidence isn’t clear?
May I tell you that the light never goes out in Heaven?
May I tell you that you are not as symmetrical as you think?
That your blood is no different than mine?
May I tell you that courage is as rare as integrity?
That 4 billion humans don’t live like humans?
May I tell you that what you believe in sometimes lies to you?
That somewhere else is nowhere else?
That nothing can belong to you except the intangibles?
That the human voice is foremost made to sing?
That there is more history in your body than you will ever know?
Who is qualified to explain lust?
Who is qualified to speak to God?
Who is qualified to ask you to be genuine?
Who is qualified to ask for the air you breathe?
Who is leading you to the promised land?
Who is qualified to change the world?
Who is qualified to make your life worthwhile?
Who is qualified to give you the advice you don’t want?
Who is qualified to believe in you?
Who should be the last person on earth?
Who should hold the key?
Who should explain it all to the children?
Who should have to write the letter?
Who should hold the burning coal?
Who should light the candle in the window?
Who should count the stars and keep the totals?
Who should teach us how to see?
Who should make a billion light years tangible?
Who should explain the workings of the heart?
Who should take your hand and not let go?
Who should tell you when you’ve done enough?
Who should ask you the very hardest questions?
Have you ever held a hummingbird in your hand?
Has a breeze ever blown every thought out of your head?
What happens to you under the weight of cold gray days?
Have you ever swum naked as the fish around you?
Have you danced enough?
Is death an adventure?
Do the dead have voices?
How am I more than the sum of my molecules?
How do I fall apart and stay together at the same time?
Does my brain belong to me?
Then why does it leave me and wander away?
Why does it plot my extinction?
Why does it tempt me into self-destruction?
Why does it delude me?
Why is its reality a lie?
Why does it make me believe the inconceivable?
How can I be misled by chemicals?
How can I be saved by chemicals?
How can I be nothing but chemicals?
How can the most important parts of me not be chemicals?
Is love just chemicals?
Are my persistent longings just chemicals?
Is that inspired thought just chemicals?
Is your mind your friend?
Does your mind see the light?
Does your mind mind you?
Is your mind aligned with the cosmos?
Is your mind in the network?
Do you take your mind out for regular walks?
How probable were you?
How probable are you?
How probable is the idea you just had?
How probable is your billionth heartbeat?
How probable is that event that changed your life?
How probable is the chance you’ll read this?
How probable is a truth that’s absolute?
Does the universe have a storage bank of good ideas?
Does the universe remember its best solutions?
Does the universe ever misbehave?
Does God ever punish the universe?
Does God use the universe to talk to us?
To show us who’s boss?
To help us believe?
To give us a job?
To pretend life has meaning?
To keep us confused?
To make us behave?
What is the penance for imagination?
When did you stop needing magic?
When did you stop needing intimacy?
When did you stop needing suffering?
When did you stop needing grace?
Is there mystery in a blade of grass?
Is there mystery in a drop of water?
Is there mystery in a broken man?
Is there mystery in a quiet scream?
How long did you own your integrity?
How long did you own your shame?
How long did you own holiness?
How many heartbeats are you allotted?
How many heartbeats do you deserve?
How many heartbeats have you counted?
How many heartbeats do you remember?
What is the language of your body?
What is the story of your body?
What is the wisdom of your body?
What will you never believe?
What will you always believe?
What are the consequences of civilization?
How can any war be holy?
What does God look like?
What rituals are no longer necessary?
What rituals lie to us?
What rituals save us?
How do you know you’ve become a man?
A woman?
What must you peel away before love appears?
What must you peel away before love disappears?
Do you care about a galaxy?
A nettle?
A rat’s neuron?
The bacteria in your gut?
The man in the gutter?
The man in the gutter in Mumbai?
What is consciousness?
A web?
A mystery?
A trick of brain chemistry?
Can consciousness grow in consciousness?
Can your consciousness grow in my consciousness?
Can consciousness devour itself?
What objects define you?
What objects control you?
What objects enlighten you?
What is unspeakable?
What is your deepest mystery?
What is your most intense passion?
What is your deepest yearning?
What is beneath the skin of who you are?
Are you awake yet?
Is time a line or a cycle?
What is your mind capable of?
What is your brain capable of?
Is there ever one synapse too many?
Do neurons make you human?
Do neurons imagine a future?
Do neurons have faith?
Do neurons seek redemption?
What chemistry makes evil?
What chemistry constructs the universe?
What chemistry brings self-realization?
Why did God choose DNA?
The orgasm?
The sleek, elegant cheetah?
The incalculably improbable you?
What is the history of every molecule in your body?
Which molecule came from the birth of the sun?
What forms of matter died to allow you to become?
What form of awe changed your life?
When did naming something bring it back to life?
Make it your own?
Affirm its independence?
Turn its life around?
Why is it so easy to diminish our humanity?
Why does God tolerate the destruction of creation?
Does sin have a consequence?
How exactly does sin diminish the soul?
What happens when you acknowledge a soul?
Can you have a soul and not know it?
Can you ignore questions like this?
Is there a dialogue between soul and consciousness?
Does the homeless man care?
Should he?
Does the single mother of four care?
Should she?
What are the shared and common potentialities of every human being?
How many of these can be realized in one lifetime?
Are all human beings of the same innate complexity?
Why do we love and forgive celebrities?
And trample so many others?
Why fulfill our lives through the lives of others?
What do we fill ourselves with in a day?
How much is liberating?
How much asks more of us?
How much is wisdom?
How much is numbing?
Can the mark of a pencil change the world?
Can a change of heart change the world?
Can re-believing something change the world?

Illustration by Gary Gaffney

Can the reconfiguration of molecules change the world?
Can the bloated belly of a child change the world?
Can the murder of millions change the world?
Can anything you can do change the world?
What is the root of the sacred?
How would the body answer that?
How would the heart answer that?
How would the brain answer that?
How would human consciousness answer that?
How many faces do you have?
How does it feel to shed a layer of emotional skin?
How does it feel to finally unmask?
When were you last truly naked?
Can you be trusted?
Is there a north to your moral compass?
Is integrity your shadow?
Is authenticity your shadow?
Is faith your shadow?
Is courage your shadow?
Does it take sunlight to see your shadows?
What wisdom is in the curve of a nautilus shell?
What wisdom is in a wave spilling on the sand?
What wisdom is in the orbit of Io?
What wisdom is in a neuron reaching out?
What wisdom is in two hands touching?
What measures your depth as a human being?
What measures you in the eyes of others?
What measures you in the mirror?
What are you compelled to sing about?
To dance about?
What are you compelled to imagine?
What anger becomes action?
What darkness do you turn into light?
Has God retreated?
Is human ignorance too much even for God?
Does God expect you to clean up your own mess?
Do all our Gods ever speak to one another?
Would God like to teach the world to sing?
What would God’s chorus sound like?
Am I boring you?
Am I making you uncomfortable?
Are you still with me?
Why is hating so easy and loving so hard?
Why is leaving so easy and staying so hard?
Why seek integrity when celebrity is enough?
Why seek depth when superficiality is enough?
Why seek?
Is being a hero worth the effort?
What is the image and likeness of God?
The vengeful father?
The spark of creation?
The fountain of justice and mercy?
The image in the mirror of your soul?
Anything that works?
Does absurdity have a spiritual dimension?
Can faith challenge absurdity?
Is faith absurd?
Is absurdity a form of meaning?
Is meaning necessary?
Is faith a form of meaning?
Is absurdity comforting?
Does faith ever smile?
Does meaning ever laugh at itself?
Does absurdity take itself seriously?
Is rationality only a mask?
Can chaos really be tamed?
Are we left to finish God’s creation?
Have you ever been in an alternate universe?
If you disappeared, would the cosmos care?
Which laws of the universe are broken by your imagination?
Are your dreams warnings?
Are they mirrors?
The consequence of rogue neurons?
The surest guides?
A playground?
Dark visitors?
Could you live in a world of dreams?
¿La vida es sueño, no?
Does the life of the mind deny the life of the heart?
What makes you laugh most heartily?
What brings you the deepest sadness?
What stings the most?
What is the greatest waste of human effort?
What if you could fly?
What if you could teach others to fly?
What mystery is in the flesh?
What flesh is in the mystery?
What are the comforts of flesh?
What questions does the flesh ask?
What questions does mystery ask?
What is the chemical basis of miracles?
Why search for miracles in the extraordinary?
What kind of vision sights the most miracles?
What is the potential in dirt, air, sun and life?
What’s the last terrifying question you asked yourself?
What’s the last transforming question you asked yourself?
What’s the last honest question you asked yourself?
What’s the last unanswered question you asked yourself?
Whose eyes do you swim in?
Whose eyes do you drown in?
Whose eyes help you measure up?
Whose eyes tell the best stories?
Whose eyes make it all fall into place?
What should you hold on to and never let go?
What should you let go of and never hold on to?
Do you have an inner voice?
Does it only echo in your mind’s chambers?
Does it really know what it must say?
Does it escape in sound or mark?
Do others hear it saying or singing?
Or visioning or dancing?
How much time do you spend consuming?
How such time do you spend loving?
How much time do you spend doubting?
How often do you stand in awe?
Is there anything worth taking seriously?
Is suffering ever a gift?
What story does your naked soul tell?
What do you lust after?
Is passion enough?
Why are you here anyway?
What has failing taught you?
What has believing taught you?
What has aging taught you?
What has silence taught you?
Have your own thoughts ever betrayed you?
Is humility still a virtue?
Who will inherit the earth?
What are the signs of justice at work?
Is civilization really progressive?
What makes the bonds of love unbreakable?
What are the lessons of moonlight?
Has the material moon diminished the metaphorical moon?
Why should you care about the rings of Saturn?
The status of Pluto?
Who invites you to the precipice of mystery?
Who surprises you with the gift of awe?
What is the membrane between faith and doubt?
What is the membrane between love and hate?
What is the membrane between sacred and profane?
What is the membrane between call and acceptance?
When does strength become weakness?
When does passion become obsession?
When does habit become death?
When does knowledge become wisdom?
When does sight become insight?
When do you finally wake up to your dreams?
Do a million bullets tearing through flesh teach us anything?
Does a pandemic of greed teach us anything?
Does an empty life teach us anything?
Does growing old teach us growing up?
How many ways can you succeed as a human being?
What’s the message in the tenacity of life?
Why hope?
Why not hope recklessly?
Have you heard the quiet voice within?
Who put it there?
Who does it belong to?
Can it be trusted?
Does everyone have one?
Need one?
Does it grow up with you?
Does love conquer all?
Then why don’t we employ it more?
Should we love our neighbor?
Then why are a billion people starving?
When does human life start?
When does human life become sacred?
When does human life become humane?
When do you know what it really means to be human?
Is it a mere consequence of being born?
Why are dreams ambiguous?
Why are dreams persistent?
Why do dreams reinvent space and time?
Does justice make sense?
Does love make sense?
Does truth make sense?
Does faith make sense?
Do you make sense?
Do the laws of the universe make sense?
If Christ never lived, would there be more hate?
If Christ were never crucified, would there be more violence?
If Christ never spoke, would there be more inhumanity?
If Christ never walked on water, would more people be drowning in misery?
How many inches of forever in the legacy you leave?
How much of eternity does God spend thinking about you?
Is eternity longer than forever?
Is humanity God’s soap opera?
How much is scripted and how much ad lib?
What’s the danger in thinking dangerous thoughts?
What’s the beauty in thinking beautiful thoughts?
What’s the emptiness in thinking empty thoughts?
What’s the satisfaction in thinking?
What’s worth believing in?
What’s worth suffering for?
What’s worth committing to?
What’s worth leaving behind?
What’s worth trying to change?
What’s worth sacrificing for love?
What’s worth being consumed with hate for?
What’s worth sacrificing your integrity for?
Who makes you question your own motives?
Who loves you unconditionally?
Who even knows what that means?
Who is embedded in your consciousness?
Who led you astray?
Who brought you back?
Who told you the honest truth?
Why do we take such pleasure in numbness?
Why is stupidity such an effective anesthetic?
Why does history choke on its own words?
Why do we drown in self-delusion?
Why is mediocrity the measure of anything?
Why do we become individuals by being like others?
Why do we enjoy being lied to?
Why do so many words lack nutritional value?
Why do so many actions collapse under their own weightlessness?
What is the nature of nature?
Where are we in its web?
Why do we dress in the scent of flowers?
Why do we inhale the breath of trees?
Why do we rely on bacteria in our guts?
Why do we oversee the destruction of creation?
Why don’t we have more respect for ants?
In the end are we dust or stars?
What are the duties of a living being?
What tasks are you born to do?
What is the most effective penance?
If God cared about the poor, why did God make them poor?
If God cared about the sick, why did God make them sick?
Why are we built of contradictions?
Why are we created only to be destroyed?
Why must we destroy to create?
When does grace come in handy?
When does beauty come in handy?
When does faith come in handy?
When does God come in handy?
Why do we lust after what Christ didn’t give a damn about?
Why do we covet wealth and crucify integrity?
Why is even grief a spectacle?
Why is it so easy to love those you’ve never met?
Why is there no healthy ritual for the transition to adulthood?
What is the practical worth of a human life?
Is it measured by a golden casket?
By piles of accomplishments?
By the memories preserved in the neurons of others?
By the number of bytes of news footage?
By the glut of paparazzi images?
By what’s left when all of this is peeled away?
When you become dust, will you trickle through the hands of children?
When you become dust, will the worms curl around you?
When you become dust, will you blow across the planet?
When you become dust, will you sit useless on the mantel?
Will you inhabit a mausoleum apartment?
Will you collaborate in the blooming of a flower?
Will you wait eons to return to a star furnace?
Will you again become a molecule of life?
What made you what you are?
What made you what you aren’t?
What can’t you live with?
What can’t you live without?
Are they ever the same?
Is what it should be even possible?
What’s learned from trying?
How have you personally remade reality?
Was it a consequence of your actions or your thoughts?
Did it change the reality of others?
Did you ask permission?
When all is gone, what remains?
When all is lost, what is found?
Were you ever held hostage by your brain chemistry?
Were you ever terrorized by your own DNA?
Were you ever changed by moonlight?
Does light travel millions of light years so you can ignore it?
What is the best thing to make a wish on?
What is the best kind of wish to make?
When is a wish a prayer?
When is a prayer a scream?
When is a scream absorbed by the universe?
When does the universe explode with screams?
When does the universe transform with prayers?
When does the universe die of boredom?
When does the universe reveal its immortality?
Is power more seductive than compassion?
Is greed sexier than moderation?
What is the seedbed of transcendence?
What are the responsibilities of a civilized human being?
What are the responsibilities of one who loves God?
What does God owe you?
Were you ever first because you were last?
Were you ever last because you were first?
Has God become a second-class citizen?
Does God like living in the third world?
Why do we fill our own voids with celebrity?
Why do we need spectacle to find meaning?
Whose voice is behind the sales pitch?
Whose voice creates your desires?
Whose purposes are in the dulling TV narratives?
What’s not an addiction or a sedative?
Are we killing the right pains?
What is it you’ve never been able to see?
Can you believe reality into existence?
Can you imagine reality into existence?
How much of yourself must you empty in order to be full?
What are the other holocausts?
Then what have we really learned?
When does material wealth become dangerous?
When does material wealth become obscene?
When does material wealth become poverty?
When did you stop looking for adventure?
When did adventure stop looking for you?
Where is God in a detached universe?
Why would God create a detached universe?
Can you reattach the universe to yourself?
Will it stick?
Can a billion prayers change God’s mind?
Can a billion prayers stop a war?
Can a billion prayers save a child?
Can a billion prayers evaporate like smoke?
Are illusions ever sustaining?
Is make-believe ever faith?
Is the answer ever in a myth?
Is delusion ever reality?
Is faith ever myth?
Is reality ever make-believe?
Is make-believe the only answer?
Is the only answer a question?
What question did I neglect to ask?
What question do you wish I’d asked?
How often do you rethink yourself?
How often do others rethink you?
How much of others’ lives is needed to make you full?
Who is the most human human being you’ve ever met?
Who taught you the most about evil?
Who convinced you about God?
Who showed you love was worth the risk?
Who showed you risk was worth the failure?
Who showed you failure could be success?
Who can’t you face?
Whose eyes can’t you look straight into?
Whose hand won’t you shake?
What act is inexcusable?
What thought can sear your brain?
What truth is absolute?
What questions do the dying ask?
What questions does the universe ask?
What questions do you throw at the universe?
Which questions should be answered with questions?
Which questions should be answered with silence?
Which questions should be answered with action?
Which questions should be answered from the heart?
Which questions should never be asked?
Which questions can never be answered?