Molarity Classic: 221-225

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

Back in America…

Molarity Classic, strip 221

221. There was a time when we thought some football uniform designs were so ridiculous they could be funny. But now I am waiting for polka-dots to appear at some future Shamrock Series Game. This cartoon was also before the green jersey was done ad nauseam. The last panel was aimed at Digger Phelps who had festooned the basketball team with ugly uniform changes year after year. In panel two, classmates Steve Riese and Bob Ritger appear. In panel three, I grew bored drawing crowds and instead sketched two rockers from Kiss, a horse, Zonker Harris, Mr. Spock, Laurel and Hardy.

Molarity Classic, strip 222

222. The Observer featured details of Rusty Lisch’s come from behind 18-17 victory over South Carolina at Notre Dame Stadium. I note here that Mitch is sporting a varsity monogram jacket. So despite his lack of talent, he saw enough game time to earn one.

Molarity Classic, strip 223

223. Back before Netflix and Hulu, and when cable TV was something only rich people had in their homes, we saw our old movies each night in the Engineering Auditorium for $1. In the Observer, letters to the editor continued a debate in the paper as to whether ROTC was consistent with Christian values.

Molarity Classic, strip 224

224. I’ll admit to imitating George-Lucas and using my computer to modify these panels to make the black of the auditorium contrast better with the wide movie screen. The Engineering Auditorium exacerbated the problem of blocked views because the floor was flat…if not sloped upward to the screen.

Molarity Classic, strip 225

225. This University Board meeting was just conjecture on my part. As a student it seemed the University was well versed in how fleeting were the concerns of the student body. Their attentions were quickly misdirected and after four years they would forget that there ever were anxieties.

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