Molarity Classic: 231-235

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

Molarity strip 231

231. An article from the “News in brief” column notes that the American Motors Company (before it was bought by Chrysler) will stop production of the AMC Pacer. It was a unique wide compact car worth a web search. It was stepping up production of its Eagle Jeep line.

Molarity strip 232

232. For the pop-media impaired, the fourth panel makes a reference to the Robot from Lost in space. In this Observer, a page nine article noted that Ronald Reagan announced his candidacy for President.

Molarity strip 233

233. This Observer had a centerfold two-page article on The Grateful Dead, but I could not determine if there was a concert at the JACC or a new album. It just seems like a Deadhead got a chance to write 100 column inches.

Molarity strip 234

234. This was the second in a running gag of…two…cartoons about Jim’s nerves while preparing for a date. In the first he mistakes his toothbrush for his razor. Featured in The Observer was a review written by Tom Jackman (now writing for The Washington Post) of (drum roll please) Duke Tomato and the All-Star Frogs who played Vegetable Buddies in downtown South Bend.

Molarity strip 235

235. This was cartoon based on complaints that some student volunteers were getting free tickets to some very hot concerts. In business, we would call it a perk or an incentive. But in the egalitarian world of the college campus, it was an undeserved privilege. At least that was the charge levied by students who did not volunteer for anything but still felt entitled.

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