Molarity Classic: 246-250

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

strip 246

246. The cartoon series about the fictitious appearance of Playboy on campus continue into the next week. Headlines on this January Observer included news about the sex discrimination case filed by some female professors against the University regarding lack of tenure. Another headline has the U.S. Olympic committee backing Jimmy Carter’s boycott of the Moscow Summer Olympics because of the USSR’s invasion of Afghanistan.

strip 247

247. The Observer sports page predicted Kelly Tripucka returning to the lineup after missing a few games owing to a back injury. And the trial of the Ford Pinto continues.

strip 248

248. This series made people more uncomfortable than amused and confused them. What I thought was a simple joke — the idea that a female ND student rose within the corporate structure of Playboy and killed the pictorial — got twisted into all sorts of things. My favorite was that the managing editor must have been transsexual. I am not sure how that improves this gag.

strip 249

249. This cartoon was an attempt to capture the beauty of a sunset over Saint Peter’s of Rome using black and white cartoon techniques. It also captures the fatigue of those of us being away for so long. Being in Europe was becoming routine, so moments like beautiful sunsets were not fully appreciated.

strip 250

250. As previously noted, most of my humor seems to be rooted in sex or death.

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