Molarity Classic: 266-270

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

The Molarity crew keeps chugging along…

Molarity Classic 266

266. This was the fourth and final cartoon with the running gag about Dion having hooked up with women throughout Europe before Jim and Chuck got there. I don’t think many people got it and despite all these cartoons most people still thought Dion was gay. That might have more to do with that reference in a Molarity satire in the April Fools version of The Absurder called “Simolarity” by classmates Stephen Riese and Bob Ritger.

Molarity Classic 267

267. This Observer had an article about George Bush (the son) speaking on campus in support of his father’s campaign — not one reference to “W” in it. The other major news item was speculation on how title IX might affect non-revenue sports. Many wondered about the future of men’s ice hockey. Within a couple of years, hockey got downgraded to a club sport, allowing the varsity players to change schools without losing a year of eligibility.

Molarity Classic 268

268. A classmate commented how this cartoon captured what it was like to be in a European train station. That kind of compliment is almost as good as taping the cartoon to the refrigerator.

Molarity Classic 269

269. This Observer (February 29, 1980) featured a story on the end of the amazing fencing team streak under Coach Michael DeCicco. They lost to Wayne State (the other Midwest fencing powerhouse) 14-13. They had won 122 straight dual matches starting on January 22, 1975. Coach DeCicco had worn the same clothes during the streak superstitiously to avoid all changes. In a letter, Father Hesburgh congratulated DeCicco and the fencing team for their amazing feat and noted that at least the coach could now expand his wardrobe.

Molarity Classic 270

270. Many articles in the news discussed whether or not to start registration for the military draft. The debate included whether women should be required to register.

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