Molarity Classic: 300-303

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

Junior year of Molarity has come to an end.

Molarity Classic, strip 300

300. During the election year of 1980 there was discussion that Reagan would reinstitute the military draft. Draft resistance was discussed in the same manner that our parents would talk about the depression during the economic malaise of the 1970s — history repeating itself. Reagan reinstituted registration but not the draft.

Molarity Classic, strip 301

301. This cartoon appeared with the headline as news broke of the failed attempt to rescue the hostages in Iran. Also on the headline was news that Corby’s Tavern was fighting to keep their liquor license.

Molarity Classic, strip 302

302. Advertised in The Observer were area concerts by The Who, Cheap Trick, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Seger, Journey, ZZ Top and Tom Chapin. Dion is having dinner with Regina, the Italian girl Jim and Chuck met in cartoons 196 to 199.

Molarity Classic, strip 303

303. This was meant to be the cliffhanger cartoon – the last Molarity of the school year. I don’t think that most Domers spent the summer of 1980 worrying about Chuck being stuck in an Italian prison. Strangely I had a cliffhanger the same summer the TV show Dallas had their “Who shot JR?” cliffhanger.

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