Molarity Classic: 309-313

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

Notre Dame’s ever-changing landscape.

Molarity Classic, strip 309

309. As noted, the summer of 1980 was the summer of “Who shot JR?” and not the summer of “How will Chuck get out of an Italian Jail?”

Molarity Classic, strip 310

310. This Observer featured Fr. Bill Toohey’s weekly column on why we are here. He said it was not to answer the question “When you get out of here what will you do?” but “When you get out of here what will you be?” The same page had an article anticipating the opening of the Snite Museum. And it did not take long for the first paper controversy of the year: letters pro and con regarding the showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Stepan Center.

Molarity Classic, strip 311

311. During the second week of Observers, the Sports page each day featured an article on the players vying for the starting quarterback position: senior Greg Knafelc, freshman Blair Kiel, senior Tom Koegel, senior Mike Courey and freshman Scott Grooms. Devine had earlier said that no one would know who got the job until the first offensive play of the first game. This issue also had a cover story on the annual panty-raid at Saint Mary’s and an inside article on the closing of the South Bend entertainment Vegetable Buddies.

Molarity Classic, strip 312

312. This year The Observer introduced a special Saturday edition for home football games. The editors Paul Mullaney and Mark Rust gave me an opportunity to do a “Sunday” cartoon albeit in black and white. Lest you think my cartoon was an exaggeration, the cover of the paper featured a gold colored Volkswagen Beetle with a statue of Mary on top.

Molarity Classic, strip 313

313. I suspect the role and stigma of RA’s has not changed much in the past few decades.

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