Molarity Classic: 356-360

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

Note to the curriculum review committee: Add “self-awareness” course requirement.

356. In the “Grid Picks” for major college football games, women’s sports editor Kelly Sullivan led with a .722 percentage. We were 7-0 heading into a weekend game against 1-7 Georgia Tech in Georgia. The game ended in a 3-3 tie and the Yellow Jackets celebrated like they won the national championship.

357. In my day, to plagiarize you had to retype the paper. None of this cut and paste and change the font nonsense the kids do today.

358. This has always been one of my favorite gags. I like taking things that everyone has seen or heard before and make then see it in a different way.

359. The Observer was already filled with articles and columns about the impending game against Alabama. Devine (then the second-winningest active coach in college football) against Bear Bryant (the winningest active coach in college football). By the way, I know Alphie, the dolphin, is a mammal. I couldn’t help but make fish puns.

360. This edition of The Observer, November 13, 1980, featured an article about college cartoonists, which just happened to be timed with the first Molarity book published by Juniper Press. Molarity: On the Road to Selling Out went on to sell over 6,000 copies. Through Father Griffin, I learned that it was the best-selling locally published book in bookstore history. Except for his books, he chided.

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