Molarity Classic: 376-380

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

Morrison Schwartzer: Working class hero? Or just a jealous guy?

376. This was the first in a series in which I explored the visual cues of my cartoons. Here I have Jim sitting quietly in front of the Grotto. The last panel could contain nearly any statement such as, “Peace is a state of mind,” or “Hope burns brightly here,” but instead had the self-reflexive statement. All of these cartoons bombed.

377. With football season over, the major stories on the sports page featured news about the famed basketball team: Woolridge, Tripucka, Jackson, Varner and Paxson.

378. I created the rock star Morrison Schwartzer based on an outfit worn by Bob Ritger ’82 — arkie, soccer goalie and WNDU disc jockey. It was a chance to share my bad rock lyrics and have the reader laugh with me and not at me. For each of Morrison’s songs, there is a tune in my head and it is better that it remains there.

379. A front-page story in The Observer noted that the national average gasoline price was reaching $1.20 a gallon and, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture official, could go as high as $1.50 to $1.70 a gallon by the end of 1981.

380. Yes, I admit it: The whole Morrison Schwartzer thing was not unlike Doonesbury ’s Jimmy Thudpucker. Why would anyone think that Molarity was influenced by Doonesbury?

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