Molarity Classic: 411-415

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

Come all ye rolling minstrels and attend the ballad of the Flying V . . . in which Morrison Schwartzer, All American, finds his zenith.

411. The preppy fashion movement was big in 1981 — big enough for me to see a tall preppy Domer out wearing his Izod polo and yellow sweater tied around his neck . . . while snow was falling.

412. This cartoon appeared in the first paper after spring break. Digger Phelps had a column on the back page in which he tried to accept the loss to BYU in the Sweet Sixteen round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

413. Morrison Schwartzer made his second series appearance in the school year. The cartoons were so wordy that almost no one thought it was worth the effort to read. The Observer was heavy all week with articles and columns about Gerry Faust’s first days as head football coach.

414. A headline noted that 90 reels of film were discovered beneath the stadium containing Rockne-era game films and an uncut version of Knute Rockne, All American.

415. Activities listed in the paper for the upcoming weekend include a showing of The Blues Brothers at the Engineering Auditorium and the rock group Kansas performing at the ACC.

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