Molarity Classic: 426-430

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

Oh yeah, that. Fun for you, maybe.

426. A couple of weeks earlier 30 members of the rugby team were suspended for “elephant walking.” This tradition involved getting naked in a public bar after a game and grabbing the… the… man in front of you and walking around the room. I was told by Father Griffin that the dean of students, Jim Roemer, was particularly fond of this cartoon. It ended up being one of the students’ favorite cartoons as well.

427. Any similarities between Sylvester and his manner of dress and the student named “Sly” who had called to chastise me about the original Alphie cartoons is purely . . . intentional. I am told his friends gave him a good-hearted hard time about this.

428. A front-page photo in The Observer featured a moment from the student production of Equus, opening the week before Easter. This production, directed by Brian Wolfe ’81, would feature full frontal nudity of the main male character, played by law student T.J. Hostomsky ’81J.D. After Easter break many letters were published asking if this was appropriate.

429 The Mass Assassin Game was popular through American colleges and involved each player being assigned a target to hit before the person assigned to you got you. Once engaged, a victim could shoot back. In an article two days prior, Dean Roemer noted the game was “frightening” to some because some men had broken parietals in a women’s dorm to make hits in the early hours.

430. I also heard via Griff that this cartoon was talked about in Corby Hall with great amusement.

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