Molarity Classic: 455-459

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man, and for one week in 1981 it showed up beneath a tree on South Quad.

455. The Observer began to run television listings in 1981. Shows listed in this edition included WKRP in Cincinnati, That’s Incredible, M*A*S*H and Jimmy Swaggart.

456. The Observer reported that the Irish were ranked No. 1 after defeating LSU in the first game of the season — Gerry Faust’s debut as head coach. Faust was quoted as saying, “I think I’ll retire now.”

457. A front page story noted that the World Climate Program had purchased a new computer that could generate long-term weather models out to 2130. It would take 12 hours to simulate one year of weather. One goal was to see how increased carbon dioxide would affect the atmosphere — not a general warming, one researcher explained, but a greenhouse effect that would vary region by region.

458. The paper responded to another letter blasting it for running an ad for a pornographic magazine — a false rumor reported in various sources including Ms. magazine.

459. This series was a bomb. Viki was just too weird for the audience. By the time the series concluded with a kind of Twilight Zone twist, no one cared. When I say a strip bombed it means there was mostly silence from the lunchtime crowd and some people would make an effort to tell me how much they did not like it.

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