Molarity Classic: 460-464

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

It’s not whether you win or lose. It’s the pas de deux in the corner of the end zone.

8182 460

460. The autumn semester began with a new ND topiary atop a mound at the intersection of Notre Dame Avenue and Holy Cross Drive. It reminded some of us of the topiaries we had seen in New Orleans during the Sugar Bowl the January before. We wondered if that had inspired a Notre Dame administrator to decide we needed one. Meanwhile President Reagan had decided to scrap the idea of a mobile MX missile program and to place them instead in secret silos around the United States.


8182 461

461. This Molarity series was one of the most popular ever. I was inspired by my friend Jim Smith, the choreographer of my high school drama club. I mailed the series to him and he said it arrived during a really bad day and cheered him up.


8182 462

462. One week after being ranked No. 1, Notre Dame dropped to No. 13 after the team lost to Michigan. This edition also ran a photograph of me signing the contract for my second book of cartoons.


8182 463

463. An AP photo featured Sandra Day O’Connor, who had recently been confirmed as Reagan’s nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, making her the first woman to serve as a Supreme Court justice. A letter from an LSU fan complimented the University on how well they were treated while on campus in full Tigers regalia. 

8182 464

464. This cartoon appeared while the school was preparing for an away game at Purdue. A special pullout section of the paper covered the road trip, during which the Boilermakers pulled off a last-minute upset, moving ND to 1-2 under Faust. Father Griffin’s weekly Observer column, “Letters to A Lonely God,” recounted the trials of a young man who was too sophisticated to have church in his life even though his life was unravelling.

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