Molarity Classic: 480-484

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

I don't know what I been told. The air by the ice cream just got cold.

8182 480

480. This cartoon responded to actual incidents: Male students were shouting down female students they considered overweight as these women approached the ice cream table in the South Dining Hall. The men wore T-shirts like those in the cartoon. Even in 1981 such behavior was considered boorish. One foolish student even wrote to The Observer to defend the harassment, saying it was a way to help healthy coeds avoid weight gain. Social pressure eventually ended the practice.


8182 481

481. After naming Father Theodore M. Hesburgh, CSC, Notre Dame chancellor over the summer, the Board of Trustees continued the search for his replacement as president. Instead they reappointed Father Ted to the presidency once again.


8182 482

482. In the days before social media, debates over football took place in the pages of the student newspaper. This edition was filled with letters about the team. After a summer of hope, the “Dump Devine” banners were out, but “Oust Faust” signs were in. Meanwhile, a front page story reported that Hesburgh had named four Holy Cross priests — Fathers David Tyson, William Beauchamp, Ernest Bartell and Edward “Monk” Molloy — to new administrative positions. Many interpreted the move as an effort to groom Father Ted’s replacement.


8182 483

483. By this time I was getting feedback from Father Robert Griffin, CSC, about the reaction in Corby Hall, where some did not like the cadence of the presidents-in-training.


8182 484

484. The Observer that year featured a regular music trivia quiz written by Tim Neely ’83. This edition’s quiz included questions about Lobo, Dr. Hook and Meatloaf.

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