Molarity Classic: 490-494

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Until the first "Check Engine" light blinks on.

8182 490

490. I never went anywhere during a semester break other than home. On the other hand, the year I spent in Rome as an architecture student held enough adventurous travel for one college career.


8182 491

491. This series was inspired a few years earlier when I called Campus Ministry during Lent to ask about Stations of the Cross. I was told, “We don’t do stuff like that,” which I thought was an interesting way to answer my question. As an architect who has done a lot of church work, I have since met more people like this than I would have expected.


8182 492

492. The campus schedule in The Observer included one lecture on “Rotating stratified flow past large three-dimensional obstacles,” another on “enantioselective synthesis of amino acids by a cemetric homogenous hydrogenation,” and the movie Fuzz, starring Burt Reynolds and Raquel Welch.


8182 493

493. I find myself somewhere between those who want to go back to the Latin Mass and those who embrace every change possible. I think the Catholic Church is big and strong enough to allow diversity without threatening dogma. But in my architectural work I’ve often been struck by how attached people get to certain religious practices. 


8182 494

494. Father Robert Griffin’s column in this edition of the Observer was about his cocker spaniel Darby going to obedience school. 


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