Molarity Classic: 505-509

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

The range of student accommodations on campus has always been a little uneven.

8182 505

505. This was the last cartoon before the Thanksgiving break in 1981. I am not sure if Chuck’s fate was the main subject at students’ Thanksgiving dinner tables across the nation.


8182 506

506. This was the first cartoon after the Thanksgiving break. The Observer featured a 12-page insert extra on the upcoming basketball season for the men’s, women’s and Saint Mary’s College teams. The school looked longingly at Digger Phelps to rescue our injured sports aspirations.


8182 507

507. I got a letter after this cartoon from a Cavanaugh Hall resident who said it misrepresented his dorm, given that most of the torture equipment had been removed from the basement. Meanwhile, Notre Dame announced a change to the name of the General Program of Liberal Education, the “great books” major found in 1950 and affectionately known as GP. It would be called instead the Program of Liberal Studies or PLS. 


8182 508

508. The Student Senate considered a new policy that would allow the use of kegs in special party rooms. The University policy did not change. In other news, a new Marriott Hotel opened downtown, featuring a nine-story glass atrium.


8182 509

509. A front-page story in The Observer had Father Hesburgh and Elie Wiesel jointly sending a telegram to Soviet General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev asking for the release of the dissident Andrei Sakharov.


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