Molarity Classic: 510-514

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

You can say all you want about debunked psychological theories. Sometimes past performance really is the best predictor of future behavior.


8182 510

510. From the television listing in The Observer: Little House on the Prairie; That’s Incredible; M*A*S*H; Lou Grant and Jimmy Swaggart Daily.


8182 511


511. Darby’s Place, the late-night hangout in the LaFortune basement, was the Algonquin Round Table of northern Indiana. The night before this strip appeared, Father Hans Kung spoke at Washington Hall. Margaret Fosmoe ’85, who went on to a career as a reporter at the South Bend Tribune, wrote the story. Another article reported on the use caffeine in tablets and other forms. Apparently final exams were about to begin.


8182 512


512. It was generally and accurately presumed that Jim was my alter ego. (These days, in Molarity Redux, I am more like Mitch.)  After reading this cartoon, Father Robert Griffin asked me if I thought I was boring. To this day, my life has been sufficiently boring that I am a regular blood donor.


8182 513

513. Shortly after I drew this cartoon, I met a friend of my mother’s named Barbara Haas.  Fortunately she had no idea I had coincidentally done a cartoon that played on her name.  My apologies to all Barbara Haases in the world.


8182 514

514. This was the last cartoon before the Christmas break. The Observer typically stopped publishing during the week of finals because the editors and staff needed to study. The top story noted that 60 Minutes was on campus to interview Father Hesburgh.


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