Molarity Classic: 515-519

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

Less skilled? Less philosophically committed? Has there ever been a generation that hasn't underestimated its young?


8182 515

515. We returned to campus after Christmas break to news of the annual holiday burglaries both on and off campus. Meanwhile, after graduating many starters from his Final Four and Elite Eight teams, Digger’s Irish were 2-8. I found the games more interesting. There was no shot clock, so Digger would stop the “run and gun” and go into delay mode, passing the ball around — even in the middle of a half — to protect any lead.


8182 516

516. The top story in The Observer was about the campaign to mark the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. as a national holiday. Coverage continued on the airliner that crashed into the Potomac on January 13, 1982, killing 78 people. 


8182 517

517. Saint Mary’s College news editor Mary Agnes Carey wrote her column about a survey which suggested that students in the 1980s were “less skilled, more materialistic and less philosophically committed than young people a decade or so ago.”


8182 518

518. The lead sports story noted that runner Chuck Aragon ’81, wearing his Notre Dame uniform, had bested the field in the mile event at the Goodwill Games in Rosemont, Illinois. A year earlier, Chuck had become the first Notre Dame student to run the mile in under four minutes.


8182 519

519. The paper ran an AP story about a new book, The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail, which purported to be a carefully researched history of the fictitious 11th century Prieuré of Sion. The authors claimed that Jesus married Mary Magdelene and had kids, yadda yadda yadda, and their work would become a forerunner and resource for Dan Brown’s 2003 novel, The Da Vinci Code. 


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