Molarity Classic: 540-544

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

Four years of a Notre Dame education should lead one to new heights. Figuratively.


8182 540

540. A small single-panel cartoon appeared in this edition of The Observer. It was called Smerd by someone called Ted Ozark. I did not know until recently that this person was in fact Simon author, Jeb Cashin ’83. Smerd is a naked, hairless, large-nosed, diminutive creature of unknown species. In this cartoon he encounters Father Robert Griffin and Darby.


8182 541

541. The personal ads included this: “Want to go to the Morrison Schwartzer Concert.  Will do anything to go . . . including sleep with you. Call Mitzie Burke-Sweater 9344.” This was one of a series of fake notices to create anticipation of the last major non-event Molarity would stage.


8182 542

542. Film director Kazimierz Braun finally received permission to leave his native Poland to come to the United States and direct a Shakespearean play at Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s. Professor Fred Syburg’s production of Henrik Ibsen’s The Wild Duck opened with Eileen Durkin ’82, Joe Dolan ’84 and John Davenport.


8182 543

543. A number of Notre Dame students were caught shoplifting items worth less than $10 at Martin’s Supermarket on State Road 23. The manager turned them in to campus security to let the University handle it.


8182 544

544. This cartoon featured a caricature of Dean James Roemer ’51, ’55JD, who was actually busy dealing with the shoplifters and the hashish issue that had arisen earlier in the semester.


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