Molarity Classic: 545-549

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

It’s been a long time since I rock and rolled. Just another way to overachieve, I guess.


8182 545

545. Half of this 12-page edition of The Observer was dedicated to the debate over the boycott of the Nestlé corporation over its promotion of breast-milk substitutes, particularly among the poor and in developing countries. The campus vote, held the next day, showed 63 percent of students in favor of continuing the boycott.


8182 546

546. Quite a few bands cancelled concerts back then. Most of us presumed it was the mediocre soft rock and pop — the acts were just not interesting. New Wave music was on the rise. Springsteen sold out, of course. 


8182 547

8182 547a

547. A fake review of Morrison Schwartzer’s “latest album” appeared in this edition.


8182 548

548. A letter from Prof. Thomas Jemielity of the English department chided The Observer for running a photograph of a cardinal and claiming it was a sign of spring. He noted that if the newspaper staff allocated some of its budget to feeding the birds during the winter, it would know that.


8182 549

8182 549a

549. When this Friday cartoon appeared, some students were walking around campus wearing black Morrison Schwartzer concert T-shirts.


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