Molarity Classic: 550-554

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

One never knows for sure how the truly nefarious student pastimes will present. 

8182 550

550. Well, naturally, what with the Notre Dame community having just banned both kegs and Nestle products. . . . A front-page photo in The Observer featured Hannah Storen (now Storm) ’83 voguing with Darryl Daniels ’86 in a fashion show as part of the Black Cultural Arts Festival.

8182 551

551. This cartoon riffed on the old Saturday Night Live fake-pill ad for Tryopining. The newspaper’s new editor-in-chief, John McGrath ’82, created his list of the Ugliest Buildings on Campus. Topping the list: the old Chemical Engineering Building, the Aerospace Building (a Quonset hut), and the new Stepan Chemical Building. Some of the buildings on his list don’t exist anymore. Somebody must have been listening.

8182 552

552. A front-page story covered a 60 Minutes report on the head of the theology department, Rev. Richard McBrien, and his comments on the Vatican. Conservative Catholics expressed displeasure with remarks such as, “[I]f the church seems to be secretive, double-dealing, Machiavellian, defensive, then it gives the impression that we have something to hide.”

8182 553

553. The news reported that five Pangborn students had been expelled from the dorm and were given 48 hours to move out. The only reason offered for their removals, according to the letter each of the students had received, was that they had “caused problems.” No previous warnings were given, according to the students. Other students quoted in the story noted that the rector had expelled other students in previous semesters for vague reasons. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles County coroner announced that comedian John Belushi had died of an overdose of heroin and cocaine.

8182 554

554. In this, the last paper before spring break, The Observer proudly reported that Kelly Tripucka ’81 could be the NBA’s rookie of the year. The award went instead to Buck Williams.

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