Molarity Classic: 569-573

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

Typically the ’80s ending is the one you saw coming. Not this time. 

8182 569

569. This was the first cartoon after the Easter break, beginning the last big block of Molarity cartoons in The Observer.

8182 570

570. The sports page had a note about how Notre Dame, “the Wrigley Field of College Football,” will host its first night game on September 18, 1982, against Michigan, starting at 8 p.m. ABC Sports would provide a portable light system for the game.

8182 571

571. I got a phone call at the end of the day from a student lamenting, “Tell me that Mitch is not dead!” It was now obvious that Molarity had entered the realm of teenage slasher films and campus was wondering if I was really going to kill off my characters.  This was long before Bob Newhart’s Dick Loudon woke up with Suzanne Pleshette on Newhart, or the Seinfeld characters went to jail in their finale.


8182 572

572. A front-page story announced that the Canadian prime minister, Pierre Trudeau, would be the commencement speaker, one year after Ronald Regan spoke. Meanwhile, among the 12 awards the newspaper won in the Indiana College Press Association’s annual ceremonies, Jeb Cashin ’83 won first place for his comic strip, Simon, and I won second place for Molarity. I was not even aware that I had been nominated.


8182 573

573. The Observer was in the middle of running a series articles about Father Hesburgh’s trip to El Salvador, taking the material from his travel journal.


More to come. We’re not there yet. . . . 


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