Molarity Classic 63-67

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

Strips 63-67 of the popular comic strip Molarity, which previewed in _The Observer_ in 1977. p(image-default). !/assets/40836/original/molclassic63.jpg(molclassic63)! 63 When you deal with touchy subjects, you have to be sensitive to timing. I drew this next series of cartoons the spring of my freshman year, but a student suicide occurred the night before the first cartoon was to appear. We pulled the cartoon off the boards. Situations like that happened more than you might realize. A year later, the cartoon was not associated with the event. BTW: For young Domers, Flanner and Grace were men’s dorms back then. p(image-default). !/assets/40837/original/molclassic64.jpg(molclassic64)! 64 As generations of Domers and regular readers will know, the reference to “last week’s Emil” was the weekly 7-question chemistry test give by Dean Emil Hoffman. Also, the priest depicted is a light caricature of Father Bill Toohey, who was the director of Campus Ministry in those years. p(image-default). !/assets/40838/original/molclassic65.jpg(molclassic65)! 65 Back before the NBC-ND deal, the NCAA forbade more than one home game on national television each season. Seeing the Dome on national TV was rare and usually accompanied by maudlin narrative. p(image-default). !/assets/40839/original/molclassic66.jpg(molclassic66)! 66 This cartoon was a huge hit. I guess I captured the spirit of the ND student body, and it struck a positive nerve. Because it occurred within a week of the cartoon of the raid on the Mass for alcohol consumption, I solidified my status in the paper as the third thing students would read. Surveys showed people picking up _The Observer_ would check the front page headline, check the sports headline on the back, open the rear page and read _Molarity_ and then go back and read the rest of the paper. p(image-default). !/assets/40840/original/molclassic67.jpg(molclassic67)! 67 This may come as a surprise to today’s Domers, but back in the 1970s, men would feign sentimental attachment in order to get women to do things for them. I am almost sure that does not go on anymore. BTW: This is what a 19-year-old male student imaged the inside of a girls’ dorm looked like. Inside _The Observer_, a letter to the editor from a student complained that he had to stand during the football game and at a Bruce Springsteen concert.
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