Music by ND people

Author: Carol Schaal '91M.A.

Wonderfall, _wonderfall_. The brothers Bregande—guitarists/vocalists Dave '95 and Joe—and bassist John Fletcher '92 have been playing music together since 1998. Music should make you move, the band members believe, and that pop sensibility comes through in their melodic, energetic CD. The musicians, who released the CD _Monday Morning, Start Again_ in 2000 under the name Elephant, had a setback last year when they agreed to sell their name to the New York-based group Elefant. "We now feel the name change was a blessing in disguise," says Joe. "We're definitely making the most of our fresh start." Now wonderfall, based in Atlanta, is getting some radio play with its single "Not the First." All the songs on the new CD were written by either Dave or Joe. And just to keep things in the family, the band is being managed by brother Paul Bregande '91. Hear sample tracks and order through

May I Have Your Attention Please, _The Notre Dame Band with Tim McCarthy_. "May I have your attention, please": With those words, Tim McCarthy, a former sergeant with the Indiana State Police, can quiet a roaring home football crowd, as they await his pun-punctuated safety announcement. In the latest CD from the Band of the Fighting Irish, directed by Kenneth Dye, 15 of McCarthy's announcements are sprinkled among the traditional school songs—"Hike, Notre Dame," "Notre Dame, Our Mother," and, of course, the "Notre Dame Victory March"—and halftime music of the 2004 football season. The play list includes songs from Bach to Chuck Berry to Chicago. Order the CD through or by calling 574-631-7136.