Networthy ND 14

Author: Notre Dame Magazine staff

Drones, royal weddings, Paradise Lost, and a potentially monumental Supreme Court case are among the topics dealt with in this edition of Networthy ND.

In a CNN opinion essay, Drone Warfare won’t work in Libya, Mary Ellen O’Connell argues that the recent decision to employ Predator drones in Libya is a mistake that will be counterproductive. The Marion and Robert Short Professor of Law at Notre Dame is also a research professor of international dispute resolution in the University’s Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies. Currently, she is vice president of the American Society of International Law and has chaired the Use of Force Committee of the International Law Association. Previously she has served as a military educator for the U.S. Department of Defense and has argued against the legality of using unmanned combat aircraft in Pakistan and Yemen.

Professor O’Connell also comments on Great Britain’s royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in a blog post at “Global conversations,” a blog sponsored by the British government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

On the USA Today website, ND law Professor Rick Garnett discusses a Michigan job discrimination case that he says may be the most significant court case involving Church-State relations in years.

In an April 14 speech on Christians and Politics delivered at Emory University, Notre Dame President Father John Jenkins, CSC, argued that Christians must engage in respectful dialogue, even with those with whom they vigorously disagree. The story in The Georgia Bulletin quoted Jenkins as saying: “People are not persuaded by attacks on their character. But if I don’t try to persuade you— but only try to prove you wrong — then I am not showing the respect that love demands. . . . To stand apart, proclaim my position, and refuse to talk except to judge does not reduce evil or promote love. And if it does neither, how can it be inspired by God?” You can also read the entire text of Father Jenkins speech.

ESPN’s “College Football Nation” blog featured a round-up of sports writer reaction to the University’s internal investigation of the Declan Sullivan tragedy. The full ”">145-page report of the investigation led by Dr. Peter Linkins, president emeritus of the University of Arizona, was released by the University on April 18.

The Forbes magazine blog “Sports Money,” which reports on the business of sports, asks how well ND does financially. Pretty well, it would appear.

In the current edition of the Catholic magazine America, Charles K. Wilber, professor emeritus of economics and Notre Dame Magazine blogger, examines the casino-like mentality that currently drives the U.S. economy

Finally, check out this video and get a taste of Paradise Lost. Recently, Notre Dame students and faculty spent nine hours reading aloud the entire 10,000 line poem by John Milton. “It was exhausting . . . and exhilarating,” says Stephen Fallon, a Milton scholar and Notre Dame’s Cavanaugh Professor of Humanities.