Networthy ND 18

Author: Notre Dame Magazine staff

Notre Dame bloggers offer a wealth of items from the informative to fun. Find out what ND research Jay Leno talked about in his monologue.

A study by Notre Dame Professor Timothy Judge, which found that disagreeable men make more money than their peers, was recently featured in Jay Leno’s Tonight Show monologue.

Ironically, the tragedy of 9/11 has created useful dialogue between Christianity and Islam that has yielded deeper understanding, Notre Dame’s R. Scott Appleby says in an interview on the PBS program Religious and Ethics Newsweekly . Appleby is the Regan Director of ND’s Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies . He also directs Contending Modernities, a major multi-year project to “examine the interaction among Catholic, Muslim, and secular forces in the modern world.” Notre Dame’s Contending Modernities project sponsors a blog providing a forum for interaction among Catholic, Muslim and secular thinkers . Recent posts have included discussions on the Islamic call for a free Egypt, the future of Catholic peacebuilding, and the burqua controversy in France.

University Life Initatives is a Notre Dame blog designed to foster a culture of life. The blog offers up a variety of news and views on pro-life issues.

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so it’s been said. Notre Dame photographer Matt Cashore showcases a veritable ND dictionary of arresting campus shots in his photo blog.

Creativity, innovation and strategy provide the focus for Mike Manor’s blog. The professor in ND’s Mendoza School specializes in business strategy. Among the topics he has visited recently in his blog are Warren Buffett and CEO blindness, and “remix” as the basis of creativity.

“Fair Catch Corby, ” the statue of Rev. William Corby, CSC, in front of Corby Hall, depicts the legendary Holy Cross priest who was a chaplain in the Union Army at the Battle of Gettysburg. But did you know there were at least six other CSC priests served as chaplains during the Civil War? You can learn more about them and other ND/Civil War facts at Notre Dame in the Civil War Jim Schmidt’s blog, which offers insights from the amateur historian’s research. A pharmaceutical chemist, Schmidt has had an avid interest in the Civil War for 15 years and has published two books on the conflict.