Networthy ND 21

Author: Notre Dame Magazine staff

UFOs, dragons and wizards, oh my! What has gotten into Networthy ND? There’s actually much more than “news of the weird” and fantasy. But today that is where we begin. . .


The regular football season is over. And many fans may be breathing a sigh of relief. But there were memorable moments. For instance consider that Notre Dame Stadium UFO Sighting during the Notre Dame-University of South Florida home opener. A bird? A plane? ET on his way home? You be the judge.

If space aliens aren’t enough, Donald Haynes ’68Ph. D. invites you into his fantasy world Otherwhere, a magical land inhabited by dragons, elves and wizards. The strange land is the setting for the writer’s fantasy trilogy, Swordthane, episodes of which are available as audio podcasts.

In a more serious vein, ND law professor Richard Garnett presents the case at the USAToday website for scrapping the U.S. Health and Human Service Department rules implementing the 2010 health care law, which require insurance companies to pay for contraception.

While some Catholics have been critical of the University, the website says
the pro-life community is alive and vigorous at Notre Dame
thanks to its Center for Ethics and Culture.

While many Americans were shopping on November 25, aka Black Friday, Professor David Cortright and his wife, Karen Jacob, were in the middle of a huge peace demonstration in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, the epicenter of Egypt’s “Arab Spring” revolution. He describes the scene in this post at the Mennonite Weekly Review.

Legendary former Notre Dame sports information director Roger Valdiserri ’54 reflects on his 38-year career managing the public image of ND athletics.

Maybe Texas Governor Rick Perry’s problem was that he walked through a doorway just before he had his infamous memory slip during the GOP Presidential Candidate debate. Notre Dame psychologist Gabriel Radvansky has evidence that doorways can be a problem that way. See also Life’s Little Mysteries website.

And finally, NBC Tonight Show host Jay Leno had some funny things to say about the ND prof’s research in his monologue the day before Thanksgiving.