Networthy ND 24

Author: Notre Dame Magazine staff

An ND alumna designed an award-winning way to improve patient care during breast biopsies, while an ND professor has put Shakespeare on the iPad. Other ND connections are meeting Stephen Colbert and Reggie Brooks in this edition of Networthy ND.

Charlotte Lux ’11MFA was named the strategy and research student winner at the prestigious Core 77 Design Awards for her industrial design submission on patient-centered stereotactic breast biopsies. Lux identified that the stress and trauma that can result from abnormal mammogram readings could be somewhat alleviated by improving the experience of the biopsy that follows.

Combining Shakespeare’s classic, The Tempest and an iPad app seems incompatible. But Notre Dame English professor Elliott Visconsi has co-created an app that provides not only the text but also the additions of an audiobook read by professional actors, commentary from Shakespeare scholars and methods of sharing annotations with classmates. Perhaps Shakespeare may just have a place in contemporary media. Can we now revise The Tempest to read, “Deeper than did ever plummet sound/I’ll drown my iPad?”

Senior Courtney Hurley and her sister Kelley Hurley ’10 contributed to the bronze medal for Team USA in the women’s team epee at the 2012 Olympics. Courtney scored the winning touch against Russia on Saturday to bring the team to the podium for the first time in women’s epee history.

Chris Hayes, Washington editor of The Nation, host of MSNBC’s Up with Chris Hayes and author of “Global Warning” in Notre Dame Magazine’s Winter 2006 issue, was recently on the Colbert Report discussing the “fail decade,” corruption, Occupy Wall Street, major league baseball and his new book, Twilight of the Elites: America after Meritocracy.

Wondering where Bertrand Berry ’97, Reggie Brooks ’93 and Marc Edwards ’97 ended up? Tracking down the ND athletes of years past, Lisa Kelly ’93 co-writes a series called “Where are they now?” for detailing their post-ND and post-professional athlete lives.

Amanda Gray ’12 wrote a four-part, two-day series, “Understanding each other” for the Goshen News on perspectives on homosexuality and religion. In this first article, two local faith leaders weigh in on what influences people’s understandings of homosexuality.

Christina Pesoli ’91JD has been blogging for the Huffington Post on topics ranging from Marissa Mayer taking over as the pregnant CEO of Yahoo to why Neil Young should retire already. She also runs a divorce boot camp. Now there’s variety.