Networthy ND 4

Author: Notre Dame Magazine staff

More gems gathered from the Internet by and about ND people . . .

America’s use of armed drone airplanes in Afghanistan and Pakistan has generated a great deal of controversy. Some scholars, including Notre Dame Law Professor Mary Ellen O’Connell, believe their use is inconsistent with international law. O’Connell was recently interviewed by NPR’s Scott Simon. Listen to the interview or read a transcript.

In his blog at the Fox News website Professor Gerard Bradley of Notre Dame’s Law School questions whether the California judge who recently ruled in favor of gay marriage in California should have recused himself. Read Bradley’s blog post.

Justice Sheila O’Brien ’77, ’80J.D. of the Illinois Appellate Court expresses her frustration with the Catholic Church hierarchy’s handling of the clergy pedophile scandal and other matters in an essay on the Chicago Tribune’s website.
Read her comments.

Jim Collins explores the current book craze in American pop culture in his new book Bring on the Books for Everybody: How Literary Culture Became Popular Culture. Siobhan Neile Welch reviews the Notre Dame professor of film, television and theatre’s book at the Bookslut website..

ND Philosophy Professor Gary Gutting’s essay about philosophy and religion on The New York Times Opinionator blog has generated a lively discussion with (as of this writing) more than 695 reader comments. To see what all the buzz is about go to the blog.

Are political conservatives more in touch with the Founding Fathers? Writer Joanna Brooks asks that question of Vincent Phillip Munoz, ND’s Tocqueville Professor of Religion and Public Life, in the online edition of Religion Dispatches magazine.